Surveying Services

Using current surveying technology including GPS and robotic reflectorless tools PSS offer surveying services which provide accurate true representations of 3Dimensional physical structures, vegetation and built engineered features.

Levels of accuracy and detail are tailored to proposed end-use. PSS has the ability to produce accurate surveys tailored to clients’ requirements varying from the high precision required for civil engineering construction applications and slope stability monitoring to the lower orders of accuracy required by, for example, the quarrying sector. Often on large-scale conceptual projects satellite aerial 3D data is accessed and calibrated by limited on-site surveying thereby providing suitable base plan information for initial planning and design requirements.

Landform features are captured accurately and can be presented as 2D, 3D or 3D animated real time virtual reality representations. Hills, valleys, rivers, river beds, roads, rail, vegetation types (including tree surveys) all faithfully recorded and presented.

A full range of surveying services to assist in the for design and construction of civil engineering projects is offered.

Topographical surveys of pre-built sites. Volumetric cut and fill calculations for earthmoving and accurate setting out services are provided. An additional design stage service that can be offered is proposed building modelling. Buildings can be integrated into Greenfield topographic surveys to provide an aerial photograph quality instant visualisation of any proposed structures.

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