Residential/Domestic Land Surveying

From new build projects to extensions, boundary disputes to land purchases a topographical land survey is the base for all large and small scale residential projects.

Using the latest state of the art technology we provide our clients with high accuracy data at cost effective prices.

Data is supplied in either 3D Digital Terrain Models and/or 2D plans using in most formats to suit our clients requirements using LSS DTM land surveying software and AutoCAD.

Each and every survey is tailored to the requirements of each client and can include the use of photogrammetry and other non-contact measuring devices to provide:

- Building Footprints/Outlines
- Elevation surveys
- Monitoring structural movement
- Photogrammetry
- Floor plan surveys


Ownership Boundaries

Checking land ownership boundaries and calculating surface areas for land purchase.

Private Dwelling, Derbyshire

Site topographic survey of an existing property including eave and ridge height and also eave and ridge heights of adjacent properties prior to demolition of property and redevelopment.



Proposed New Build Dwelling

Site topographic survey to include two existing dwellings and adjacent gardens for a proposed new build dwelling.