Quarry Minerals Surveying

PSS provides services relating to routine operational requirements, for example face setting out, volumetric analysis, phasing design, tip design, slope modelling, screening design etc. Planning related services available include the use of satellite aerial photographs and 3-dimensional digital data to provide accurate visualisations of proposed developments enabling potential impacts to be assessed and appropriate mitigating screening works to be designed in.

In compliance with the requirements of the Quarries Regulations 1999, PSS can produce quarry topographic survey plans, operational phase drawings, geological cross-sections and full geotechnical appraisals and assessments.

Zones of visual influence (ZVIs) and line of sight sections are readily produced enabling appropriate screening works, operational limits, impacts and mitigation designs to be accurately defined.

For surface operations using LSS software and our in-house geological, geotechnical and operational planning expertise PSS can provide accurate phasing models for minerals extraction proposals from initial void formation to final restoration.

With reflectorless laser scanning techniques PSS can provide accurate excavation face detail for geological and geotechnical slope stability assessment and modelling purposes.


Quarry Survey, Leicestershire

A routine topographic survey update of the quarry workings also showing the surrounding ownership for future development.

Stockpile Volumetrics

Volumetric report shows the current stockpiled material at a quarry site in Merseyside.

Quarry Development, Derbyshire

PSS currently monitor and record all stone excavated from the quarry shown in this example for the Bloomberg building currently being constructed in London.

The quarry has been split up into 15 x 15m zones and a topographic survey is undertaken on a weekly basis to monitor where each excavated block is extracted from in the quarry.  The blocks are numbered on site so an accurate trace of each block with relation to quarry zone can be utilised by the company for various purposes including colour matching.

The project has been on going for over two years with more than 6500 blocks extracted with a total weight of over 62,500 tonnnes.