Engineering Services

A full range of surveying services to assist in the design and construction of civil engineering projects is offered.

Topographical surveys of pre-built sites. Volumetric cut and fill calculations for earthmoving and accurate setting out services are provided. An additional design stage service that can be offered is proposed building modelling. Buildings can be integrated into Greenfield topographic surveys to provide an aerial photograph quality instant visualisation of any proposed structures.

Robotic surveying systems and RTK-GPS has revolutionised the setting-out process allowing work at the pole end of the operation. Reflectorless non-contact measurement and precise digital levelling to bar-coded level staffs offers many options to save both time and money on-site enabling PSS to provide efficient cost effective surveying services.

We provide:

- Control Surveys
- Setting Out
- Precise Monitoring
- Structural Surveys
- Route Planning
- Utility Surveys
- Volumetric Analysis


Pipeline Easement

Survey an existing quarry face and land adjacent to a high pressure pipeline to carry out checks on the easement distance.

Cut And Fill Isopachytes

Generate 3D digital terrain model (DTM) for a new housing development and generate cut and fill isopachytes.

The isopachytes show the contractor the areas of the site which need to be cut/filled in order to achieve the landform required prior to construction on the site.

Revised Drainage Layout

Having received a drainage layout design for a new build dwelling it became apparent that the contractor required amendments to the layout.

We adjusted the drainage locations taking into account different angles of flow.