Aerial Photography

Complying with the C.A.A ceiling height of 400ft for drones we can supply beautiful photographs from a variety of differnt angles to give unique perspectives of sites.

Previosuly aerial photographs of large sites were limited to fixed wing aircraft but we can now offer this service by utilising state of the art software to upload a pre-defined flight path to our drones and create an ortomosaic by stiching hundreds of photographs with 90% overlaps.

Our orthomosiacs are then fully georeferenced for use in software packages such as GIS.

We can supply our images as a plugin for google earth which will then act as an overlay in google earth so you can transpose the site on the date we flew it over previous images to track the development of sites.


Quarry Aerial Photo

Aerial photograph of a clay quarry near Pulbrough.

Orthmosaic Aerial Photo

Utilising state of the art software this vertical orthomosaic aerial photo is compiled by 174 images taken from 50 metres above ground level with an overlap of 80% on each image to provide an extremely high quality photograph without the requirement for a fixed wing aircraft.

The orthomosaic photo is also georeferenced for use in packages such as GIS or remote sensing software.

Quarry Restoration

Aerial photography to aid in the planning for a restoration sheme at an exhausted sand quarry.

River Clyde Orthomosaic

This orthomosaic photo has been generated by combining 307 aerial photographs at 100m above ground level.

The site area is approximately 940m x 510m (48 hectares).

The orthomosaic photo is then georeferenced for use in packages such as AutoCAD, GIS or other remote sensing software.

Roof Inspection

Aerial photograph allowing the client to inspect their factory roof without the need to hire in specialist equipment and to minimise health and safety risks.

Archaeological Dig

Aerial Photography taken to record the excavation loactions for an Archaeological dig at a quarry in the Midlands.