3D Modelling & Visualisation

Utilising raw field data, architectural designs, geo- and ortho-rectified satellite images, PSS is able to generate a wide range of 3-dimensional products. Products include 3-dimensional fly-throughs, walk –throughs, drive arounds and fly-overs. PSS has the capability to generate virtual structures, villages, cities, civil engineering structures and landscapes. Once a 3D model and surrounding terrain have been created, the potential effects on the landscape can be assessed by producing a ZVI – Zone of Visual Impact aided by line of sight sections.

Utilising field derived survey information integrated with geospatial 3D digital data PSS can produce real time 3-dimensional virtual reality animated visualisations. From architectural designs 3-dimensional models can be separated and presented as raw pre-draped textured or photo drape images as requested.

Project impact assessments utilising zones of visual impact (ZVI) software and geospatial data enables the real potential impact of proposed developments in the landscape to be presented and analysed. PSS’s ability to present accurate representation of proposals allows potential problem areas to be identified at the early planning stage.

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